Watch the petals change colors throughout the summer.

Hydrangeas are the standout stars of summer gardens. Plant these flowering shrubs in containers on the front porch, or line them along the fence for a big display of colorful blooms. When it comes to picking which type of hydrangeas to put in your yard, the choices can be overwhelming. We love so many selections on the market—from trendy 'Strawberry Sundae' to tried-and-true 'Limelight.' Hydrangeas may be old-fashioned flowers, but new varieties hitting the floor at garden centers keep them current.

For a new selection that puts on a spectacular season show, we suggest the 'Felicity' hydrangea. It's a part of the popular French hydrangea family. 'Felicity' produces lacecap-like blooms, with smaller flat clusters of flowers are surrounded by larger showier ones. The wow-factor of this hydrangea? Its flowers change colors as they mature throughout the season. 'Felicity' first produces blooms that open as a rosy pink. As they mature throughout the summer, the flowers will turn into pastel lavenders and seafoam greens. At some points during the season, these multi-colored petals show off all three hues at once.  The look of your garden will evolve as summer fades into fall. Snip a few stems for long-lasting cut arrangements or bouquets. Buy on for your garden from Spring Hill Nursery.

This selection is a rapid grower that spreads 4 to 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide. Place them at least 5 feet apart in garden best to give them plenty of room to spread out. Expect them to attract bees and other pollinators to your garden. Plant them in mid-to-late spring for mid-summer blooms. They thrive in full sun to part shade, so find a spot that gets great morning sunlight and some afternoon shade. Avoid planting in clay-rich soils with poor drainage. 'Felicity' performs best in moist, well-drained that's amended regularly with organic matter. It also grows best in slightly acidic soil. As a member of the French hydrangea family, this selection's color can change—blue hues in soil with a lower pH balance and pink to lavender petals in alkaline conditions. Water them when they're dry (pay attention to them during the dog days of summer to prevent wilting). 'Felicity' hydrangeas are great picks for container gardens as well; be sure to choose a pot large enough for their roots to spread out. With proper TLC, these hydrangeas will last until the first frost.