It's a waterfall in a plant.
Silver Falls Plant
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Silver falls plant is known by the scientific name Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls.' Its common name is accurate: Silver falls plant resembles a silvery waterfall cascading vertically out of pots, containers, and window boxes or horizontally across gardens and beds like a carpet. It creeps and trails and cascades wherever it's planted.

Silver falls plant is also called silver ponyfoot and silver nickel vine. Both names reference the color of the plant's foliage and the rounded shape of the leaves. It's an herbaceous perennial with small, rounded, fan- or heart-shaped foliage in shades ranging from green to grey. The foliage can also appear silvery and metallic, which is why it's sometimes grown as an eye-catching annual.

Silver falls plant is native to West Texas, and as such it is extremely drought tolerant. It can reliably stand up to high temps and rather extreme heat. It is an especially good plant for hanging baskets and container gardens. That's because the foliage spills out beautifully from pots and adds visual interest. It's lovely when it waves in the wind.

Dichondra argentea ‘Silver Falls' is a popular planting choice that can be used as a fast-growing groundcover too. It has been known to reach lengths of 5 feet when planted in hanging baskets, and it can reach heights of 4 inches when planted as ground cover. It has also been grown across rock walls and other static bases, where it can cover a large surface area in dramatic fashion.

In spring, silver falls plant produces tiny blooms in green, white, and yellow hues, but the metallic foliage is the real draw. Silver falls plant grows best in well-draining soil with plenty of sunlight. It doesn't take well to overwatering, and should only be watered when the soil dries out.

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What perennial plants are you using in your hanging baskets this season? Are you planning to plant silver falls plant this year?