Cook with fresh herbs straight from your garden with these Test Kitchen tips for planting herbs. 
Plant Kitchen Herbs
Plant kitchen herbs
| Credit: Hector Sanchez

Kitchen herbs grown right in my backyard are the fresh secret to my summer cooking. I grill outside every night and use them to add jolts of flavor to marinades, salad dressings, herb butters, and sauces; when I'm grilling or smoking meats, I stuff them into the cavity of chicken or tie hardy ones like rosemary and thyme together to use as basting brushes. What's more, growing herbs is cheaper than buying them. See how I plant them in a strawberry pot.

How to Plant
1. Start with a terra-cotta pot with holes (aka strawberry pot). We prefer a 3-gallon one. Fill bottom third with good-quality potting soil.

2. Insert plants into holes; fill soil gently around the roots.

3. Add soil to next level. Repeat all the way to the top. Place in full sun. Water regularly.

Tip: Plant largest herb on the top.