The Most Charming Garden Sheds on Pinterest

Tiny Dutch Door Garden Shed
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It only makes sense that on a website so full of dream homes (hello, walk-in shoe closet), there are more than a couple swoon-worthy garden sheds. From cool and modern to classic and quaint, there's a shed for every gardener (no matter how novice!). We'd like to go ahead and build any one of these in our backyards:

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Baby Blues

Blue Shingle Garden Shed
Courtesy of Owe Crafts

How cute are the pastel shingles on this tiny garden gem? Clean lines and an uncluttered façade really allow the robust garden to shine.

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Countryside Charm

French Door Garden Shed

French doors open into this elegant but simple shed. A crisp white exterior is the perfect balance to the rustic red shingles.

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Tiny Cottage Dreams

Tiny Dutch Door Garden Shed
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Hello Dutch door and quaint cottage character. This cottage shed even has its own window boxes and tiny shutters—AKA over the top charm.

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Off Kilter Character

Shingle Garden Shed and Greenhouse
Courtesy of

A sloped roofline and cedar shingles max out the quirky allure of this garden shed that looks like it belongs in an enchanted forest. The windows make this a multi-function structure: part garden shed, part greenhouse.

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Total White Out

White French Door Shed
Courtesy of Iron and Twine

This petite shed calls on white-washed wood and rustic elements a la Chip and Joanna Gaines. Look how tidy those baker's racks keep precious garden supplies.

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For the Farmers

Red School House Garden Shed
Courtesy of BHG

The perfectly patina-ed red siding and a classic (and useful!) wind gale sells the farmhouse appeal of this hard-working shed.

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Modern Twist

DIY Potting Shed
Courtesy of

Not only does this shed have a Dutch door, but it also is nearly entirely windows on one side. The perfect combination of clean modernity and backyard charm.

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Barn Basics

Rustic Garden Shed
Courtesy of

Rustic wood siding and classic cupola come together to make this mini-barn dreamy and high function. (And if it wasn't cute enough, it looks like it may be home to some sweet goats.)

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Truly Enchanted Garden

Cotswolds England Garden Shed
Instagram @twighutchinson

Soft natural light, lush overgrown vegetation…really what more could you ask for in a scenic garden shed setting? Ample windows max out up the small structure's greenhouse abilities.

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Pretty and Petite

Little Garden Shed
Courtesy of

This cottage shed is so cute we're ready to move in. (It'll just require a little downsizing.) Ivy-draped window boxes and a traditional green door make this shed right at home in any backyard.

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