Save Your Favorite Plants and Produce from Pests with These Sticky Fly Traps

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Fruit Fly Traps in Indoor Plants
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I love keeping live (and easy-to-care-for) houseplants throughout my home. However, I don't love the pesky gnats and flies that they can sometimes attract. Enter Mosqueda Fruit Fly Traps. I first came across the sticky fly traps when scrolling through Instagram and hopped over to Amazon to order some for myself.

Once they arrived, I immediately put the traps into my succulents, snake plant, and fiddle leaf fig tree. I must say, I was actually surprised to see how many bugs were stuck to the trap when I checked them just a few days later. After seeing how many were caught, I was even more satisfied with my purchase than I thought I would be.

The traps are a bright yellow color to attract insects and feature a sticky glue finish to trap them once they land on the surface. The formula is odorless and non-toxic so it doesn't pose a harm to people or pets that may come into contact with the trap. Plus, they're easy to set up and require no mixing or spraying. Simply peel back the top layer, insert into the pot, and watch it begin to collect flies. The traps are water- and UV-resistant, so they don't need to be replaced until they're covered with bugs.

The reviews, which helped sell me on the traps, are filled with satisfied customers and images of the traps featuring hundreds of dead bugs. One reviewer shared, "I can't recommend this enough if you have a problem with gnats or fruit flies indoors. It works way better than any wine/vinegar traps or DIY spray solution." Another summed it up by saying, "These are great! They're super easy to use and the adhesion is super sticky. I'm so glad I found these and I will definitely be buying them again!"

Mosqueda Fruit Fly Traps

Mosqueda Fruit Fly Traps

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Great for both gnats and fruit flies, these sticky fly traps are an affordable, foolproof option for reducing pests in your home.

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