We sure do.

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Robert D. Barnes/Getty Images

Monarch butterflies, please come to our garden. We adore you so, and could stare at your pretty orange-and-yellow flecked wings for hours.

The question, of course, is, how do we get you lovely creatures to laze in our backyard? Easy. Plant milkweed. "When it comes to attracting Monarch butterflies this spring, they really just want one thing—and one thing only: milkweed," writes Elizabeth Gulino for House Beuatiful. "Also called asclepias, it's the only plant that Monarch caterpillars are able to feed on, and it's absolutely crucial to the survival of these orange-and-black butterflies."

Interestingly, per Gulino, while monarch butterflies can feed on nectar from a variety of plant types, milkweed plants are necessary for both the grown butterflies to lay their egg and also.their caterpillars to survive. Currently, we're in the start of monarch breeding season so butterflies will be searching for milkweed.

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Now, time to carve out some space for some milkweed plants and make room for our fluttery friends.