The Easiest Way to Achieve the Prettiest Porch Pots in the Neighborhood

Knock, knock…

Knock! Knock!
Photo: Knock! Knock!

I'm about to have a come apart due to the state of my porch pots. Y'all, I've got a dead cypress welcoming my guests like a beacon of sadness. Our poor neighbors. Just when I thought all hope was lost, Knock! Knock! was brought to my attention. Cue, happy dance.

Some people like the feel of dirt in their hands. They enjoy watching the fruits of their labor come to fruition with beautiful blooms each season. I am not one of those people. I would much prefer to just sit on my porch sipping coffee, tea, or wine (time of day depending), while watching my son running about giddily in the yard, discovering the nature around him (read: nature I did not cultivate). In a word, I love being outside, but not so much the laborious aspect of tending the garden. Knock! Knock! is the answer to my prayers. The concept behind the brand-new subscription service is to deliver planter-ready arrangements directly to your front porch seasonally. All you have to do is have your pots ready to go and insert your greenery once it's delivered.

Each drop comes with two arrangements, each in a plant tray that you can place directly into your planter. To get started, answer a few questions so that Knock! Knock can determine the ideal equation for your planting zone, sun exposure, architecture, and planter style. Choose between a one-time delivery ($75) or a recurring seasonal package ($65 per quarter). The next available delivery is Fall, which will ship August through September. That's right, you're going to have to wait, but we're pretty hopeful it'll be worth it.

Once your arrangement is securely nestled in your pot, just water, fertilize with plant food for about 4 weeks, and your planters will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.

If you're an avid gardener with a green thumb so bright it can be spotted a mile away, this likely isn't the subscription for you. But, as is often said, different strokes for different folks, and we do believe this makes an ideal option for those among us who happen to find themselves challenged horticulturally—even if it's just because you'd rather be sipping tea.

What's your favorite subscription service? Would you ever consider having plants delivered straight to your door? Let us know!

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