It's time to add flowering trees and fragrant shrubs.

Grow Now: Moth Orchids
For long-lasting color inside—six weeks or more—buy moth orchids (Phalaenopsis sp.). Beautiful blooms can come in yellows, purples, whites, and maroons and even have freckles or stripes. They ask only for a bright location and a planting medium that is kept slightly moist. (Orchids can be grown in soil, bark, or sphagnum moss.) Apply a diluted water-soluble fertilizer weekly. Avoid cold drafts and areas around heating vents. Gardening on a budget? Look for phalaenopsis mini orchids at your nursery.

With shorter days and cooler temperatures, your inside plants are slowing down for the season. Take a break yourself, and go easy on the watering and feeding. Most houseplants like for the soil to become slightly dry between waterings.

Order seeds
It's a great time to think about seeds for your spring vegetable and flower gardens. Buy now for the best selection.

Continue to gather tasty leaves of collards and kale from your vegetable garden. The cooler weather only sweetens the flavor. Harvest regularly by pinching off the leaves from bottom up so the plants will continue to grow new ones.

In the Lower and Coastal South, continue to harvest the heads of broccoli and caulifl ower. Use clippers or a small paring knife for this task.