Indoor Plants That Can Help Cure Your Dry Skin

These natural humidifiers add moisture back to the air.

Plants do an excellent job of adding life to living room corners, putting a finishing touch on a stack of coffee table books, or softening up a fireplace mantel. Décor benefits aside, some indoor plants can even fight dry air in the winter by adding humidity back into your home. Take that, dry skin.

According to Gardening Know-How, the tip is to stick to plants with large, waxy leaves that can act as natural humidifiers. Plants are designed to add moisture to the air through a process called transpiration, but large-leafed tropical varieties are typically the best plants for the job. We've rounded up three, easy-to-care-for indoor plants that can help increase humidity levels in your home, along with our top tips for helping them thrive.

Peace lily plant in a bright home
Grumpy Cow Studios / Getty Images

Peace Lily

The Grumpy Gardener doesn't call peace lily the perfect houseplant for nothing. Pretty leaves, stunning blooms, plus they're a dream for even the most inexperienced gardeners. Stick a peace lily anywhere that receives bright, indirect sunlight. If you find that your peace lily isn't blooming, just move it to a brighter spot and it should be blooming in no time. To remedy leaf tips that look burned, you'll need to get your plant out of direct sunlight which can be harmful to the foliage.

Snake Plant

These little charmers are a breeze to grow, but you'll need to start with the right soil mix. Cacti/succulent soil is ideal but, if you must use potting soil, be sure to add perlite or coarse sand to help with drainage. You'll want to take special care not to overwater your snake plant—it should be completely dry between watering sessions.

Areca Palm

The areca palm, or butterfly palm, is perhaps the highest regarded of our trio for purifying the air, but it can be tricky to maintain indoors. Finding the right amount of light is going to be essential. Ideally, a spot that offers bright, indirect light will help your palm thrive. If you notice that the leaves are starting to take on a yellowish hue, its sunlight is likely too direct.

If you're looking for even more ways to start growing indoors—outside of these top plants for humidifying—take a look through some of our favorite indoor house plants that even beginners can't kill.

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