The bright blossoms of spring and the lush greens of summer don't need to stay in the garden outside – we think that the rich reds, whites, purples, blues – you name it – should come inside the house. These seven indoor plants are all very easy to take care of, and they make a beautiful focal point in your home. Although best known for its holiday connotation, amaryllis brings pops of red color to your windowsills. If you like more of a neutral palette in your home – turn to paperwhites, one of the easiest blooms to force indoors. These delicate white blossoms can be grown in just pebbles, soil, or water. And, the plants aren't just providing fresh color to your home. Indoor plants like peace lilies actually purify the air. So, the next time you're wanting to do a quick home refresh without any demolition – turn to your garden center for some plant inspiration. What is your favorite indoor plant?

English Ivy
This green beauty does best next to a bright window. Be sure to wet the leaves weekly.

This traditional holiday flower is incredibly easy to care for,
and provides gorgeous color to your windowsills.


One of the easiest bulbs to force indoors,
paperwhites can be grown in just water, pebbles, or soil.
 They’re especially beautiful around the holidays.

Moth Orchids

They need very little to thrive and will blossom for months at a time. 
There’s no need to repot; place the nursery container in a cachepot and dress up with decorative moss.

These perfect little plants only need watering 1-2 times a week.
 Be sure to plant them in a pot that drains well to avoid rotting roots.


No flower will last longer than anthuriums,
 which will bloom for up to three months from the time they open.

Peace Lilies
Not only do these showy plants bloom pretty white flowers, they also purify the air indoors.

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