Faithful reader Melissa Barnhill asks, "Is it possible to relocate small nandina bushes? I know they have millions of shoots, and I didn't know if cutting away some of those shoots while taking them out would cause a life-or-death issue."

Answer: You wish, Melissa! Nandina is one of those plants that simply does not die -- no matter how much you want it to. Thus, you can safely transplant it at just about any time. During a heat wave. During a drought. During a gamma ray burst. During a killer asteroid impact. During a nuclear meltdown. During a colonoscopy. It really doesn't matter. Even if most of the plant croaks, if only a single cell survives (like my favorite movie monster of all time, "The Thing"), it will regenerate and go on to infect the entire planet.

So transplant away. The only life-or-death issue here is how your neighbors feel when you transplant it to their gardens.