This beautiful lawn sets the stage for beautiful flowers. Design: Troy Rhone, Birmingham. Photo by Steve Bender.

You know that a weedy lawn marks you as an undesirable in the neighborhood and brings your face up first on many Google searches. So what if I told you there was a simple way prevent weeds that doesn't involve weed-killers, fertilizers, or a friendly herd of goats? Would you try it?

Grumpy certainly hopes so, lest your face appear on even more Google searches that include the word "boob." Because the secret is so easy even that rat, Edward Snowden, thinks it's not worth stealing. Here it is. Mow your grass high.

Yep. That's right. That's all you have to do. Mow high.

You see, despite what you see your boob-like neighbors, the Pootwaters, do, grass doesn't like to be scalped off at a half-inch. When you cut grass this short, you remove most of the grass blades that turn sun into food for the grass plant. So it get stressed, goes into survival mode, and stops growing roots. The lawn thins out.

And Then It Gets Worse.... Weeds, on the other hand, love a thinned-out, scalped lawn. If you are trimming the grass too short, the more dandelions, crabgrass, chickweed, plantain, sandbur, and spotted spurge you're going to have. Keep scalping your lawn and pretty soon these weeds are all you'll have. You'll never do a Google search again.

How High Is "High?" Grumpy suggests that no matter what kind of grass you have, you cut it no shorter than two inches. That's how high he's cutting his Bermuda lawn (above) and it looks great. Three inches tall is even better for bluegrass, tall fescue, St. Augustine, and buffalograss. Grass mown tall reduces weeds two ways. First, it quickly fills up empty spots where weeds would otherwise grow. Second, it shades the soil surface, preventing weed seeds that need sunlight to sprout from doing so.

Three More Benefits from Mowing High 1. Tall grass needs less water. It stays green even in droughts. 2. Tall grass needs less fertilizer, because tall grass blades make more food. 3. Tall grass is easier to mow (with a power mower) and produces less clippings.

Do As Grumpy Does Raise the mowing height on your mower. Grow a beautiful lawn that takes little work. Then go make fun of the Pootwaters.