Have nasty rats and mice invaded your home? Do squirrels scamper through your attic? Have you called the exterminator over and over again only to have the problem return? Well, finally there's an answer -- a product guaranteed to rid your home of rodents forever.


That's right. Fresh Cat! The only all-natural rodent repellent made from 100% powdered housecats! One whiff of this and rats will scat and mice will think twice.

How does Fresh Cat work? Simple! Rodents just can't stand the smell of their arch-enemy, the common housecat. So we've created a cat-based product that smells just like the real thing because it is the real thing. Housecats, pure and natural. No additives, no preservatives, no worries.

How is Fresh Cat made? Let's just say we start with USDA Prime Grade A free-range housecats. We get them from shelters, people with too many cats, you know -- friendly folks just like you. The cats go through a 4-stage process that begins, appropriately enough, with a CAT scan. We then remove the brain and spinal cord to prevent any danger of mad cat disease. After several hours in a state-of-the-art feline dehydrator called the Cat-a-comb, the cats go into a special grinder called "Catsup", which reduces them to a fragrant powder that fills plastic mesh bags. Fresh Cat is ready to use!

Just two 4-ounce bags of Fresh Cat repels rodents from an average room for up to 30 days. And while original Fresh Cat is a blend of several breeds, Premium Fresh Cat is available in Siamese, Persian, Burmese, and Russian Blue (new!).

Don't suffer rodent infestations any longer. Order Fresh Cat today! When it comes to chasing away rats and mice, it's the cat's meow!