Did we mention that it's nearly impossible to kill?

Calling all garden gurus. This fall grass is making appearances in tableside floral arrangements, wreaths, and even wedding bouquets more than ever before.

Due to the size of this grass, it's not hard to miss. If you want to know how you can get your hands on this trendy plant, it's often found in sunny places along the coast. Here in the South, people frequently plant it at the beach. It grows in sand, tolerates drought, and bends gracefully in the salty breeze. But if you prefer to use the dried plume-like flowers for ornamental décor, they can be easily found at craft stores. Regardless of the use of this prominent grass, it's important to know the details of this special plant.

5 Things to Know about Pampas Grass

  1. Pampas grass loves hot summers and mild winters. It thrives in lots of sun and will not bloom in shade.
  2. Pampas grass can grow about 8-12 feet tall. When planting, find a spacious place where it can thrive without overcrowding the environment.
  3. Pampas grows in clumps called tussocks. Huge, old clumps need periodic dividing to rejuvenate them. Winter is the time to do this. Wear gloves as the leaves are sharp and can cut your hands to ribbons. Cut the old foliage to the ground before digging and dividing. A power hedge trimmer makes quick work or this. Or if the clump is all alone by itself with no combustibles around, set it ablaze. This won't hurt it at all and it sure is fun.
  4. In the future, buy named selections such as 'Ivory Feathers,' 'Andes Silver,' and 'Sunningdale Silver' that bloom reliably.
  5. The grass has no true value for farmers and is often described as an invasive weed. It's currently banned in New Zealand and Hawaii.
The Trendiest Fall Plant That Thrives In The Sou
Credit: Majority World/Getty Images

If you want to add neutral tones to compliment your vibrant red fall flower arrangement and want a no-maintenance plant, try adding pampas grass to your tablescape. Or if you want to conceal an eye-sore of an AC unit in your yard, this large grass will certainly do the trick.