TV's gardening rock star P. Allen Smith has received many honors and awards in his illustrious career, but nothing like the one he will be accorded tomorrow. For it is then, at his home in Arkansas, where he will finally realize his life's ambition -- meeting me, the Grumpy Gardener.


P. Allen (ever wonder what the "P" stands for? I'll find out!) is hosting dozens of prominent garden bloggers from around the country at an event called Garden2Blog. In addition to touring P. Allen's extensive home gardens, they'll also tour private gardens he's designed.

And if that weren't enough, they'll also get to rub elbows with Grumpy, the South's Heralded Yet Humble Horticultural Hero. I know Helen Yoest (Gardening With Confidence), Brenda Haas (BG Garden), Jenny Peterson (J. Peterson Home Design), Shawna Coronado (The Casual Gardener), and Shirley Bovshow (Eden Makers Blog) are chomping at the bit.

Ask P. Allen!

Are there any gardening questions you'd like to ask P. Allen (besides what the "P' stands for -- already got that covered). Send it to Grumpy ASAP!


He'll give you answer. The Grump guarantees it. These heavy-duty, battle-tested Corona loppers don't take no for an answer! For hourly updates, be sure to check my Grumpy Gardener Page on Facebook and Twitter (@grumpy_gardener). No skeleton will go unearthed.

Kill That Vine!

Here's a question from a faithful reader on how to kill a troublesome vine for good.

Question -- Do you have any suggestions on how to deal with a huge patch of very aggressive wild muscadine? I don't mind it in the back yard, but it's taking over the front corner. I've tried pulling it out, but that just seems to encourage it. It's bigger and bolder than ever. I haven't tried Roundup because there are nandinas and jonquils that I'd rather not kill. But I will if I have to. Thanks for any help, Beth.

Grumpy's Excellent Answer -- Beth, Grumpy will not only tell you how to kill that wild muscadine, but also other troublesome vines, such as wisteria, kudzu, poison ivy, smilax, akebia, and trumpet creeper.

Here's what to do. First, get yourself a couple of empty plastic milk jugs. Enlarge the openings at the tops, so that you still have handles, but can stuff foliage in. Next, mix up Roundup according to label directions and fill the jugs half-way. Place them next to the vine. Curl up as much of a vine runner as you can without breaking it and stuff it inside a jug. Do that with several other runners. The runners will absorb the chemical and take it down to the roots. Death will follow (the vine's, not yours).