Q: Dear Steve, Voles have recently destroyed my 3 year old hosta bed. Any suggestions as to what I can do before I replant to avoid a repeat other than put sharp gravel in holes? Barbara Kozlowski Richmond, VA

Q: The first thing I would do is have a beer. I find this helps me deal my anger after LOUSY, STINKING VOLES POLISH OFF MY HOSTAS!!!

Whoa, that beer was good. The Grump feels mellow. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. If you mulch your hostas, stop. Pull all the mulch away from around hostas. Voles burrow under the mulch to hide from predators and then devour your plants.

2. Use a vole bait like Vole Control. You can order this from www.volecontrol.com . This bait appears tasty to voles. They eat it, it poisons them, and they DIE, DIE, DIE, LIKE THE CRUMMY, MISERABLE, HOSTA-EATING VERMIN THEY ARE!!!

I need another beer. Grumpy

Dear Steve, I have pulled the mulch away and will order vole bait today. But before anything else, I'm going to try the beer remedy. Even though it it is 7:00 in the morning! I'm sure two or maybe even three before lunch would make me feel much better about losing all the beautiful hostas. Maybe four.... Thanks! Barbara Kozlowski

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