Q: When I cut a bouquet of French hydrangeas the flowers begin to wilt as soon as I put them in vase with cool water. What can I do to correct this? I want to enjoy them in the house.

A: Here's the way to do it.

1. Cut hydrangea blooms early in the morning when it's cool and blooms look fresh 2. Immediately after cutting, plunge hydrangea stems into cool water and bring inside 3. Heat water on the stove until it's nearly boiling 4. After letting this water cool for a minute or two, place bottom inch of hydrangea stems in hot water for 30 seconds 5. Remove stems from hot water and place them in cool water 6. Enjoy the non-wilty flowers!

Let me know how it works. I am right only about 99% of the time and this could be that rare 1%.


Q: A day later and they are still fresh wilting....... ....Thanks so much!