Everyone's favorite sour gardener, Steve Bender, is back in the wilderness to talk about the creepy Southern crawlers that we have to look out for below the Mason-Dixon. Did you know that our very own Grumpy Gardener suffers with a little bit of arachnophobia? "Spiders creep me out," Steve says. It turns out, the two spiders that Southerners need to worry about aren't out and about in the wild – they're at home, with us.

One of the more popular venomous spiders, the Black Widow, is easy to identify with its shiny, bulbous abdomen and bright red hourglass marking. The Black Widow is not an aggressive spider, nor is it much of a hunter – it seeks out dry, dark places and waits for prey to come its way.

The second dangerous spider that Grumpy warns readers about is the Brown Recluse. This spider, per its name, is a recluse – it doesn't want to come in contact with you. You can identify Brown Recluse spiders by the marking on top of its head that resembles a violin. Bites from these spiders are relatively painless – but the result is a little terrifying. Follow along with Grumpy to learn more about these dangerous spiders, how to identify them, and what to do if you get bitten.

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