Mushrooms are a delicious addition to so many Southern recipes. They always taste meant-to-be in a pasta dish, sautéed and served over a protein like steak or chicken, or of course, in a casserole. So if you see some mushrooms growing in your yard, you should pick them and cook with them for the ultimate farm-to-fork meal, right? Wrong! Even an experienced gardener like Southern Living's The Grumpy Gardener says he will only eat mushrooms from the grocery store. Grumpy says to never assume that any mushroom you see in the wild is safe to eat, even if it looks just like the ones you bought last week. Not all wild mushrooms are deadly if you eat them, but most of them will at least make you sick (“…and make you wish you could die,” says Grumpy). The scariest part of wild mushrooms is that if the toxins in the most poisonous varieties are ingested, it can take a day or so for you to even notice the symptoms. By that point, they’re already destroying your liver and kidneys. Yikes! Best to stick with Grumpy’s advice and only eat mushrooms that come from the grocery store.

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