We all love a nature-filled outdoor trek every now and then, but it’s important to prepare for any outdoor adventure, short or long, to ensure you’re staying safe and healthy. The most important resource to never skimp on? Water. Our bodies need water more than any other supply we could bring along on a hike or camping trip. If you find yourself without water while in the woods, it’s extremely unsafe to assume just any trickling stream, no matter how sparkling and beautiful, is a clean water source. The Grumpy Gardener hates when we don’t heed his advice, so we asked for some tips to finding safe water that even the most inexperienced outdoorsman (or woman) can do to stay hydrated. It all comes down to purifying the water supply, whether by boiling it over a fire, using a few drops of bleach (really!), or bringing along purification tablets, pumps, or straws. Those methods will get rid of any microbes, bacteria, or other contamination you can’t see. If all else fails, what’s Grumpy’s biggest advice? BYOW. Bring your own water.

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