Q: Every July, huge hornets bore holes in my flower garden. They really make a large pile of dirt beside the hole. What can I do?

A: From your description, I'm guessing the hornets in question are cicada-killers. These very large wasps (up to 2 inches long) are identified by their black to reddish-brown abdomen with light-yellow stripes. They are solitary, not social like paper wasps, and dig individual burrows to rear their young. They get their name from their habit of paralyzing cicadas with their sting, then dragging the insects into the burrows to feed their young. Cicada-killers are usually not aggressive, but if one stings you, it'll knock you down. To get rid of them, sprinkle Sevin dust around the entrance to their burrows at night. As they leave and enter the burrows, they'll get the dust on them and spread it to their young, killing them all.