You hate voles. You hate moles. You hate gophers too. And with good reason. They chew up your plants and burrow through your lawn. And there isn't much you can do to stop them. Until now. Play this video and you'll understand why that instead of getting mad, it's better to get even.

Did you notice the gleam of joy in Mr. Meyer's eyes as he talked of blowing these little critters into the Great Beyond? Admit it -- many of you feel just like him. Especially if you grow hostas, tulips, vegetables, perennials, and other plants that these stinking critters routinely gulp down without the slightest remorse.

Now the Grump admits this is an extreme solution and he is not recommending it to anyone. So don't blame me if you accidentally blow up your gas lines and your house. Or set fire to the woods or cause a 4.6 earthquake. Or if someone sneaks a video of you blasting away to Homeland Security and the Feds pay you a call. You have to decide just how much you loathe these varmints and to what lengths you'd go to in defense of your darling plants.

Mr. Meyer, you missed your calling. You should have starred in "Apocalypse Now." I can just see you surveying the land and uttering those immortal words: "I love the smell of propane in the morning."