If there’s one thing that can ruin a lovely Southern evening spent on the back porch with family and friends, it’s the pesky little critters known as mosquitoes! Join Southern Living’s The Grumpy Gardener as he explains the dos and don’ts of dealing with the speck-sized annoyances. Did you know that any sources of still water, such as a birdbath, a potted plant, or a fishpond, attract mosquitoes? To avoid a cloud of bugs surrounding your home, be sure to clean any vessels of still water regularly. Because mosquitoes are not strong flyers, they tend to gravitate in places where there is very little air movement. If your home is enclosed with large hedges and vegetation, the mosquitoes will thrive. One trick you can use that involves absolutely no chemicals is a fan; it easily combats the stationary air and makes it much harder for the mosquitoes to linger. Of course, the most obvious way to escape the cloud of small bugs is using insect repellent. It masks the carbon dioxide in the human body that the mosquitos are naturally drawn to. Here’s Grumpy’s final tip: mosquito-repelling plants and electric bug zappers do not work!

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