Q: Hi, I live in southern Alabama, and just purchased some Arapaho crepe myrtles in seven gallon containers. A couple of the crepes have two trunks coming up from the root ball and each of the trunks branch out about eighteen inches up. These trunks look like they could be separated into two trees. Would you recommend dividing them? Thank you, Clay

A: No, I wouldn't try dividing them, until you want two dead crepe myrtles in place of a live one. The easiest way I've found to propagate a crepe myrtle is by severing one of the larger roots in the ground. The severed piece will invariably send up a sucker, which you can dig and transplant. Spring and fall are good times to transplant. Of course, the plant has to be in the ground for a year or two before you do this. Grumpy