The late Princess Diana may not have been Southern, but her grace, style, and concern for others certainly made her our kindred spirit. Memories of Diana fill our hearts, but how many of them fill our gardens? See if you can guess which one of the following was Diana's favorite flower. You might be growing it!

Could It Be Sweet William?

emSweet William. Photo:

That would certainly make sense. What adoring mother doesn't count her first-born as her favorite? A biennial, Sweet William (a Dianthus, no less!), bursts forth in spring with spectacular clusters of fragrant blooms in color of crimson, scarlet, pink, and white. It's been a Southern favorite for decades and decades. Was it Diana's favorite too?

Could It Be Busy Lizzie?

emBusy Lizzies aka impatiens. Photo: fergiefoto.ukbr //em

We call them impatiens, but the British call them busy Lizzies. Our favorite annuals for shade, they must have been Diana's too. Their name perfectly describes Diana's mother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, who was always busy showing Diana the proper way to do everything. Just the same as Southern mothers-in-law do this very day. Girls and their mothers-in-laws -- matches made in heaven!

Could It Be A Camellia?


Does the name "camellia" remind you of anyone? Like, maybe, Camilla Parker-Bowles? I know, I know -- Camilla was the "other woman," but as Diana herself would tell you, royalty has it privileges and no one knew that better than her husband, Prince Charles. In England, camellias are hot-house plants. I'll bet Prince Charles found himself in the hot-house more than once!

Could It Be Creeping Charlie?

emCreeping Charlie. Photo: iowagardener/em

Despite its pretty blue flowers, creeping Charlie is one of the worst weeds in the South. It vanquishes lawns and gardens faster than William the Conqueror. Try as we might, Southerners can't get rid of it. That's why we so admire Diana -- because when she learned what was going on with Camilla, she chucked Charles. You go, girl!

And Now The Answer.....

emWhite roses! Photo:

Nobody can be faulted for supposing Diana's favorite flower to be one of the above. But her true favorite flowers were white roses. Southerners love white roses as much as they love Diana. And that's why every time we see a photo of the late Princess of Wales, we think in unison, "She was one of us. Bless her heart."