Incredibly wise gardeners who bought the last Southern Living Garden Book (above) published in 2004 are always asking me: "When are you going to revise it? A lot has changed in 10 years." Grumpy has heard your pleas. And he is delighted to announce that an all-new, completely revised edition will set the world on its ear in January 2015!!!

Yes, it's true. Grumpy has been holed up in his tomb-like office for the better part of two years poring over each and every sentence and fact in the previous 720-page tome, adding worthy plants that have appeared since 2004 and eliminating others that have proved to really suck. The new book will be 800+ pages. Like the previous work, the description of each of more than 7,000 plants tells you where it will grow, how to grow it, and what to expect based on our unparalleled experience of gardening in the South.

emOakleaf hydrangea at Sandy Helsel's Virginia garden. Photo: Steve Benderbr //em

But since even the Grump doesn't know everything (brief pause here while you regain consciousness), we have recruited an extraordinary lineup of gardening luminaries to review the text and add their insights. If you're a plant geek, you'll recognize these names:

Michael Dirr Allan Armitage Tony Avent Dan Heims Brent and Becky Heath Greg Grant Jenny Wegley Mike Francis Chris VanCleave And many more

One of the biggest changes you'll see in the new book is the number of color photos. Whereas illustrations accompanied plant entries before, now you'll see beautiful photos. We've updated our growing zones to reflect the change in climate over the last 11 years. Our revised pest control and problem-solving advice relies primarily on natural, organic, and sustainable methods. You'll get the latest intel on annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, container gardening, vegetables, fruits, herbs, lawns, bulbs, vines, houseplants, and more.

emBougainvillea at Coral Gables, Florida. Photo: Steve Bender/em

Below is a photo of the new cover featuring pretty blue hydrangeas. As you longingly gaze upon it, think about Grumpy feverishly slaving away to finish the job just so YOU will have the perfect Christmas gift to order for your friends, family, colleagues, and parole officers! It's all for you.

emThe NEW Southern Living Garden Book! Coming this January 2015!/em