Live oak with Spanish moss. Photo by Ralph Anderson.

Question from Desperate Reader: I have a 40 year-old live oak with unsightly, exposed roots on the soil surface. We're afraid someone may trip. Can we make a flower bed over the roots?

Grumpy's Totally Correct Answer: Trees in general do not like having soil piled over the roots. The roots need to "breathe" -- a deep layer of soil smothers them. Some trees, like pines, are less sensitive to this, but oaks a very sensitive. Pile any soil at all atop the roots and pretty soon, the trees will die. So no flower garden.

Your situation isn't hopeless, however. What you need to do is cover the roots with material that doesn't compact like soil and prevent oxygen from reaching the roots. Therefore, you could fill between the roots with several inches of coarse gravel, river stones, pine straw, or shredded bark.

Grumpy's on Vacay!

emIsle of Santorini. Photo by HBarrison./em

That's right! For the next couple of weeks, Grumpy will be cruising to exotic locales all over the known world as he seeks to recharge his gardening batteries. He will not be able to check email during this time, so either wait until October 29 to post a gardening question or wait patiently for an answer.

Don't think Grumpy has abandoned you. In the time I'm away, I will be answering a gardening question sent in by a faithful reader right here every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.

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