We've all watched manly adventurers take down charging bears with pepper spray. We've also seen it used to control rioting old ladies at Wayne Newton concerts. And we've wondered -- how can we gardeners get in on the fun?

Now we can with an all-natural insect control that's perfectly safe around the house, but makes bugs wish they'd never been born. It's Hot Pepper Wax and the Grump is here to tell you that it really works. Spray it on a plant according to label directions and any insect that takes a bite will be too busy looking for a glass of milk to take a second one.


I just used it against some little beetles that suck sap from my daylily flower buds and cause them to fall off before they open. Those beetles took off and never returned.

Hot pepper wax is both an insecticide and a repellent. It blends capsaicin from cayenne peppers with highly refined paraffin wax to coat plants with a thin, invisible barrier against pests. The wax allows one spraying to work for up to two weeks, regardless of weather. It also acts as an anti-transpirant to reduce water loss from plants during hot weather.

Deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other varmints don't like like having their tongues go up in flames either. You can buy gallons of the stuff to apply through a tank sprayer, but I prefer a ready-to-use spray bottle. You'll find it in garden centers or you can simply click on the link above.

Bugs -- get ready to burn!!! Scream to your PETA mamas!!!