Artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is worried about trees. Millions disappear from the planet every year without anyone giving them a second thought. He searched his brain for a way to raise people's awareness of trees and their benefits – beauty, cooling shade, oxygen for us to breath – and came up with a wonderfully absurd idea. Paint the trees.

But what color? It would have to be something completely bizarre and unexpected to get maximum attention. Nature provides trees with yellow bark, green bark, orange bark, and red bark. But no tree has blue bark. So he set out to paint the trunks of trees in public spaces around the USA and the world ultramarine blue.

Leigh Broschart

Grumpy thinks this looks really cool. How do you like this grove of blue trees in Norcross, Georgia?

Norcross isn't the only Southern town to revel in blue trees. Dimopoulos has painted trees blue in Galveston and Houston, Texas, as well as Gainesville and Jacksonville, Florida. Check out this video of schoolchildren painting trees in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Won't Paint Hurt the Trees?

No. Why would cities allow the painting of dozens of trees if it would kill them? Some people ask, "Will the trees suffocate? How can they breathe?" Painted trees do that just fine using their leaves and roots. The paint is temporary, anyway. Dimopoulos uses non-toxic, water soluble pigment. If it gets on your hand, you just rinse it off.

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The blue trees have been a big hit wherever they've appeared. Personally, I'd like to see lots more blue trees. I have a couple of big crepe myrtles out front that are prime candidates. Wait until Judy gets her first look!

What about you? Do you love trees? Then stop painting the town red and start painting it blue. Do it for our planet.