5 Reasons Southerners Love Wave Petunias

These super-saturated flowers deserve to shine.

Wave petunias have been favorite flowers in Southern gardens for decades. According to The New Southern Living Garden Book, "Wave petunias blazed the trail for better performing petunias with the introduction of the landmark Purple Wave petunia in 1995." After that auspicious start, they've only become more and more popular with each passing year. They're grown from seed and produce a profusion of blooms wherever they're planted. Here are five of the reasons we return to Wave petunias and keep planting them year after year.

1. They're vibrant

Wave petunias are some of our favorite garden accents because they come in a glorious rainbow of colors. Their super-saturated hues make for great border plantings, and they look stunning when planted in a big group. No matter which shade you're planting, it packs a punch.

2. They spread

While they're compact little flowers, it doesn't take long for Wave petunias to get moving. According to The New Southern Living Garden Book, "They hug the ground at 5-7 inches tall and spread up to 4-8 inches, making it possible to create a ground cover of petunias." With their strong spreading habit, Wave petunias fill flower beds and provide a big bang for your buck.

3. They're versatile

Wave petunias can do it all. Whether they're providing ground cover, filling a border, or acting as a backup act to a centerpiece plant, Wave petunias earn their keep. Mix and match or plant one color en masse to make a lasting impression. Don't even get us started about Wave petunias in hanging baskets on a breezy porch—there's nothing nicer.

4. They love the sun

These sun-tolerant little flowers can stand up to the South's punishing heat. They appreciate some hands-on care—moderate to regular water is recommended—but when it comes to sun versus shade, they're sun all the way.

5. They can be grown from seed

Wave petunias have your pocketbook in mind. They can be grown affordably from seed and are versatile, so they work well anywhere in the yard, whether in garden beds or in containers. Other Wave series to explore include Shock Wave, Easy Wave, and Tidal Wave, each with different sizes and characteristics. According to The New Southern Living Garden Book, "Tidal Wave Silver is an exceptional performer in the South and may survive a mild winter to show up the following year."

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Do you have any petunias growing in your garden? What's your favorite flower for garden beds and hanging baskets?

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