Pick your own flowers this weekend.

Pick Your Own Tulips
Credit: Alison Miksch

In case you've wanted to go to Holland to pick their legendary tulips, we've discovered two places much closer to home where you can see acres and acres of blooming flowers that's fun for both taking pictures and and picking your own. We are also betting that dozens of fresh tulips will also inspire you to start doing your own flower arranging (tulips are some of the easiest to begin with) and we think you'll be inspired to plant your own tulip show for your yard. It's pretty simple, but you've got to do it in the fall to get your own fresh spring flowers. Plan to get picking at these two impressive pick-your-own-tulip farms.

Burnside Farms: Haymarket, Virginia
Five years ago the Dawley family purchased 16,000 tulip bulbs from Holland. They planned to resell them to garden centers, but then decided to try out the U-pick idea. It's a good thing they did, because five years later the 16,000 bulbs has grown to 800,000 bulbs and 8 acres. Check out their website and Facebook page for prime picking time, but the tulips generally bloom from late March to mid-April. You pay $1 per tulip and they provide the baskets. Don't miss their Festival of Spring. Haymarket is 40 miles west of Washington, DC.

Texas Tulip: Pilot Point, Texas
Pieter Koeman, the son of Dutch tulip farmers, runs this 80 acre tulip farm with his wife, children, and his 74-year old mother. Located 50 miles north of Dallas, Pieter grows 90 varities of tulips and the picking typically begins in early March and goes through mid-April. The fields are open everyday of the week from 9am – 8pm except for Wednesday mornings when the farm opens at 7am for the early birds. It's $3 per person and $2.50/stem. Check their website for the latest information.