Teasing Georgia Is A Gorgeous Golden Climbing Rose

This strong climber bears butter yellow blooms.

Few visions are more romantic than that of a gorgeous climbing rose flowering across a wall or arcing over a fence. One of the loveliest that we've found is Teasing Georgia, an English climbing rose bred by David Austin that's been charming gardeners for more than twenty years.

Teasing Georgia was launched in 1998 and has been a favorite ever since. Its calling card is its large yellow blooms, which it bears bountifully throughout the summer. According to David Austin, this rose is "a particularly free-flowering climber, producing impressive displays of blooms into fall. The refined rosette flowers are rich yellow at the center, fading to palest yellow on the edges." The dual-tone blooms produce a delicate fragrance reminiscent of tea roses. According to Heirloom Roses, Teasing Georgia was the winner of the 2000 Henry Edland Medal, which awarded the most fragrant variety in the Royal National Rose Society Trials.

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A Teasing Georgia planting in full bloom is something wonderful to behold. That's because it's a repeat bloomer, and it bears its big blooms heavily, lending the planting a sumptuous vision during the height of its season. According to David Austin, it's well-suited to tall walls or fences and can also be trained to grow up pillars. It can thrive in all soil types but grows best in full sun in East-, South-, or West-facing areas.

You can find Teasing Georgia available for purchase at davidaustinroses.com. For more information on roses, read our guides to planting rose bushes, growing climbing roses, and pruning roses with skill and precision.

What's your favorite type of rose? Are you a hybrid tea lover or do climbing roses always charm you? Do you have any roses growing in your garden this summer?

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