Summer Crush Hydrangea's Petite, Raspberry Red Blooms Are Perfect for Small Yards

At just 18-to-36-inches tall, this tiny stunner has cottage appeal and then some.

If you're looking for a vibrant pop of color to add to your small garden, Summer Crush bigleaf hydrangea (hydrangea macrophylla 'bailmacfive') is a winner. Mopheads bloom in either neon purple or raspberry red—perfect for brightening up the yard in a flash. Its compact size (a rounded 18-to-36 inches) make it ideal for smaller spaces or containers, but it can just as easily be worked into larger landscapes.

If you thought the draw of this dazzling, berry-hued wonder was its attention-seeking color, think again. What makes Endless Summer hydrangeas of any variety so popular is their repeat blooming. These little beauties will make a show in the late spring and then go for round two later in the summer, blooming off the current season's growth. Other hydrangea macrophylla varieties only bloom once a year and on the previous year's growth, which means if you botched last year's pruning, you'll have to wait another year before seeing those beautiful floral globes again.

Endless Summer Summer Crush Hydrangea
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Summer Crush Hydrangea Planting Zone

Summer Crush hydrangeas are well suited to thrive in planting zones 4-9. They're a hardy choice for just about the entire South, excluding the bottom half of Florida as well as the western coast of the state's panhandle.

Where To Plant Summer Crush Hydrangea

As with other mophead or French hydrangea varieties, Summer Crush hydrangea require morning sun and afternoon shade. If you're in a warmer zone (8-9), Endless Summer suggests limiting the amount of morning sun to just a couple of hours. On the other hand, cooler zones (4-5b) might benefit from a few extra hours of sun beyond the morning hours. Pay attention to sun patterns on your intended planting location for a few days before selecting the best spot in your garden for a Summer Crush. If you can't quite commit, or don't have a spot with ideal sun exposure, consider potting your hydrangea instead.

When To Prune Summer Crush Hydrangea

The first thing to know about pruning an Endless Summer hydrangea is that they don't need pruning very often, if at all. When necessary, prune your hydrangea in the late summer after blooms have faded.

When To Water Summer Crush Hydrangea

If soil is dry, give the hydrangeas a good soak. They prefer a heavy watering once a week or so, compared to a light sprinkling daily. Soil should ideally stay moist, but not wet.

How To Change Summer Crush Hydrangea Color

It's true that pH levels are what give hydrangeas their hue (blue for acidic environments and pink for alkaline soil), but you don't need a science degree to manipulate their color. Simply add soil sulfur to encourage blue blooms and garden lime to encourage pink.

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