Can Sprite Help Your Flower Arrangement Last Longer? We Tried It

Anything for a blooming bouquet. 

Classic Bouquet
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Having fresh flowers in the house is always a fantastic idea. It's like a mood boost for the entire room and an easy way to bring a seasonal note to your home, from colorful spring tulips to vibrant autumn dahlias. However, keeping flower arrangements alive for longer than a week can be harder than it seems, especially depending on which type of flowers you're buying. Hydrangeas, you fickle friend!

Obviously, it's ideal if your flowers can live in the vase for as long as possible, particularly during the holiday season when guests will be in and out over the course of a few weeks. That being said, I'm always open to try any hack that claims to help flowers remain in-bloom and drinking water, even if it does seem a little odd. Sprite? In flowers? I'm intrigued!

Amongst all the tricks out there—including crushed-up aspirin, flower food, and more—using Sprite to keep flowers alive seems counter-intuitive. Carbonated drinks aren't known for being super, well, natural. The theory is that the sugar in the Sprite acts as flower food, which in turn helps the flowers stay fresh and keep drinking water. So, I gave it a try.

The experiment lasted two weeks and began with a small Sprite poured into a vase with a mixed bouquet of freshly bought flowers. I topped off the rest of the vase with regular tap water and added nothing else. Midway through the test, I had to refresh the water, primarily because the flowers had drunk so much water. Promising! The flowers were at a beautiful peak after the first week. Over the next week, the flowers continued to drink water and thrive, until finally beginning to wind down and wilt at the tailend of the experiment. At the end of the two weeks, the flowers were still pretty, but looking a bit dried-out and ready to be tossed in the trash. (See my photographed timeline below. The photos above were taken at different times of the day, which accounts for the varied natural light.)

Sprite in Flowers
Kaitlyn Yarborough

All in all, the Sprite certainly didn't seem to hinder the process, and I'd venture to say it actually did help. However, since I only tested with one bouquet, I can't claim that it would work with all flowers. Next time, I might use Sprite again, but I will also be adding crushed-up aspirin (to lower the pH), as well as a drop of Clorox (to stave off bacteria).

Overall, the flowers stayed alive and vibrant for much longer than some of my past arrangements, so I'd recommend this trick for others!

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