No maintenance required.

Blue and White Hydrangeas in Vase
Credit: gregory_lee/Getty Images

In the South, you can tell that summer is near when the hydrangeas begin to burst into color, displaying their eye-catching clusters of blue, purple, and pink blooms. You'll likely find these flowers dotting sidewalks, window boxes, hanging containers, and gardens all summer long. The classic look and endless varieties of hydrangeas have earned them a spot as one of the South's signature plants. It's safe to say that Southerners absolutely adore these gorgeous blooms.

Although hydrangeas are relatively easy to grow, there are quite a few ways to go wrong when caring for these plants. Hydrangea growing is an art, and sometimes even the most seasoned gardeners can run into trouble. Even if you successfully grow them, these flowers will likely only last for a few weeks, eventually leaving your garden looking bare and drab without their striking blooms. To combat those hydrangea woes, Saaya Rose has developed a way to preserve cut roses and hydrangeas for an entire year.

Saaya Rose offers real cut roses and hydrangeas that last 365 or more days. Yes, you read that right, folks—real, live hydrangeas that will last a whole year. Am I dreaming?

The roses and hydrangeas are 100 percent real, and they come in a variety of colors and arrangements. A sleek, stylish box acts as a vase for the flowers, which don't even require any water or maintenance.

How do they do it? Saaya Rose uses a unique preservation process that keeps the flowers looking freshly cut for one to three years. "During the preservation process, the roses undergo a rehydration process and then are placed in a secret natural eco-friendly mixture which is gradually absorbed by the rose until it completely substitutes the sap," Saaya Rose states on its website. "Once the process is complete, you have this beautiful rose with a completely natural appearance and feel."

Of course, it's important to follow the care instructions to keep the flowers looking their best. But caring for these flowers couldn't be easier. Saaya Rose instructs not to water or touch the flowers to help maintain the natural preservative coating—AKA, there's absolutely no maintenance required.

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My mother mailed me a single Saaya Rose for my birthday a few months ago, and while other bouquets that I received quickly ended up in the trash, my Saaya Rose has stayed in perfect condition. And every time I see my pink rose in its adorable white leather stand, I think of my Mama.

A Mini Hydrangea and Rose Box starts at $109, so instead of paying upwards of $30 for one bouquet that will wilt, consider investing in an arrangement that will stay fresh and beautiful for an entire year. These real hydrangeas are the perfect gift for a displaced Southerner with deep nostalgia for the classic flowers or for the friend who simply can't seem to get her hydrangeas to bloom. Browse all the floral collections here.