Here's Why I Buy an Ornamental Purslane Plant Every Summer

No green thumb required.

My mom always has an abundance of flowers on her deck and in her yard that grow and bloom all summer long. Several years ago, she had a blooming ornamental purslane plant that caught my eye and after learning what it was, I've been buying a few of them to plant in containers every summer since. The reason? They require almost zero effort to care for and yield beautiful flowers all summer long.

My favorite part of buying purslane is no matter how hot it gets here in Alabama, I know it won't wilt or die. In fact, the ornamental purslane made the Grumpy Gardener's list of 5 Summer Flowers You'll Hardly Ever Have to Water. After planting it, I usually ignore mine for most of the summer and it still grows and blooms beautifully. I have a small patio and no access to a water hose, so filling a watering can in my kitchen is my only option for watering flowers which sometimes discourages me from daily watering. I also travel a good bit during the summer, so I know my plants definitely aren't getting watered every day. The amount of water it gets from summer rain showers is enough to keep it growing and blooming.

Ornamental Purslane (Portulaca hybrid)
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When I go to my local garden shop, I always make a few trips up and down the aisles to see all of the beautiful blooms they offer. Even though I am sometimes tempted by shade- or water-loving varieties, I know they most likely don't stand a chance of surviving the heat of a Southern summer under my care. Over time, I've learned that it's best for me to just stick to flowers like the ornamental purslane that love heat and don't require much watering.

In addition to being easy to care for, I also love the look of ornamental purslane. The leaves are like those of a succulent and the colorful blooms open each morning to reveal a vibrant flower, usually red or pink, with a yellow center. Pretty blooms with little effort on my part is why I'll continue to buy a few ornamental purslane plants every summer.

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