These pretty flowers bloom from spring through fall.

One of the most beautiful garden roses gets its name from a silver screen queen. Rosa 'Marilyn Monroe' appeared on the garden scene in 2002. It's a hybrid tea rose cultivar developed by crossing the roses 'Sunset Celebration,' a deep peach bloom also known as 'Warm Wishes,' and 'St. Patrick,' a lemon-yellow flower that blooms throughout the year.

The flower, which produces pale apricot blooms and glossy, deep green leaves, is a showy garden planting. Some like it hot, and these flowers do too. 'Marilyn Monroe' thrives in hot weather, which makes it ideal for sweltering Southern climates. The shrub grows to medium heights, about four to six feet tall, and spreads about two to three feet wide. The big peachy blooms appear as single flowers or in clusters, and they have a light green wash across the petals when they first appear. They're also accompanied by large thorns.

The pretty blooms—which are about four to five inches across—are rounded with high centers and give off a citrusy perfume. The shrub grows quickly, is very hardy, and is known to be resistant to many diseases. It's also a reliable bloomer; 'Marilyn Monroe' begins to flower in spring and blossoms throughout summer and into fall. All of these characteristics add up to a wonderful garden planting, surely reasons that the Portland Rose Society awarded the shrub the Portland Gold Medal in 2006.

They can be planted in a variety of applications, including in borders, containers, and en masse. Of all the garden roses, these apricot blooms are some of our favorites. And the fact that they can stand up to hot weather—not only withstand the weather, but thrive!—make them great choices for providing beautiful blooms in Southern gardens.

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What are your favorite roses to plant? Have you ever grown Rosa 'Marilyn Monroe' in your garden?