Who are we to turn down a chance at good fortune?

French Marigolds
Credit: karimitsu/Getty Images

Plant lovers know that the right insects play an essential role in maintaining a bountiful garden. But what if we told you that the right plants, by attracting a certain special bug, could play a role in your own prosperity?

In addition to chowing down on pesky little aphids, many cultures believe that ladybugs bring fortune and good luck. And what do ladybugs love more than aphids? Marigolds!

These cheerful blooms are one of many plants—along with cosmos, chive, and yarrow—known to attract ladybugs. And not only do they bring all the red-and-white ladies to the yard, they also repel mosquitoes while they're at it.

These pretty, edible flowers come in a variety of colors, though you're probably most familiar with the vibrant yellow-orange hue of the French marigold, which has a longer stem and tends to resemble a daisy.

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If you have a black thumb, take comfort: French marigolds rank pretty low on the maintenance scale. Just make sure you plant them in fertile soil with plenty of sunlight and water.

Bring on the luck, y'all!