We've Got Our Eyes on the Vibrant Let's Dance Rave Reblooming Hydrangea

And you can purchase at The Home Depot.

Spruce up your lawn for spring with the South's favorite flowering shrub. Southern Living regularly show off pink, blue, and white hydrangeas in its articles. We're branching out with a fresh color to wake up a front yard. The petals of the Let's Dance Rave hydrangea turn a vibrant shade of violet when planted in acidic soils. Better yet? Gardeners can find this selection at their local Home Depot or purchase one online.

The bright Let's Dance Rave hydrangea is a member of the Macrophylla family, home to popular selections like 'Endless Summer' and 'Big Daddy.' These types of hydrangeas are famous for their large, round, mophead blooms. Let's Dance Rave grows 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. This selection grows best in partial to full sun, so give it at least four hours of sunshine per day. Like the other members of its family, this hydrangea won't tolerate drought; water it thoroughly. Let's Dance Rave is a dependable bloomer that will flower again season after season if given the proper TLC. Plant in acidic soils for the blooms to turn a striking violet-purple shade. In regular soils, the shrubs show off rosy-pink flowers. The blooms pop off the plant's bright Kelly green leaves. With Let's Dance Rave hydrangeas, your yard will surely be the envy of the block.

Before planting, choose a spot that will give the hydrangea adequate sun. Dig a whole that's twice as large as the size of the container that the hydrangea comes in. Remove the plastic container before planting, and recycle it if possible. Place the hydrangea plant in the hole so its level with the surface, and fill with soil and fertilizer. Water until the soil is moist. Keep the soil consistently moist, especially in a hot summer.

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