Listen up, novice gardeners! Starting your own garden isn't very hard to do, and it's especially simple when you try this easy seedling hack. The great thing about eggshells is that they're compostable, so you can just plant the whole shell once your flowers or herbs have sprouted. Planting seeds in eggshells is a great way to get started, because you can closely monitor the amount of sunshine and water that your delicate plants are receiving (and, you can make sure that they're not been whipped around by the elements). Starting from seed instead of seedlings purchased from a garden center is much more cost effective, as well. See below for the written how-to.

What You'll Need:

Seed-starting potting mix
Clean, cracked egg shells at least 50% in tact
Egg Carton
Spray bottle
Pot (for transplanting)

First, pick seeds that would be easy to grow in a window sill, such as zinnias or basil. Herbs are great seeds to start with, and a few different types of herbs makes a convenient kitchen windowsill garden for when you need to grab a few fresh sprigs for dinner.

Rinse out the egg shells, and pat dry. (Don't throw away the eggs, though – we've got plenty of cake recipes for those!) Line shells up in the egg carton. 
Using a spoon, carefully fill each shell with pre-moistened potting soil. 
Sprinkle a few seeds in each shell, and lightly rake the soil over the seeds with your fingertips. Gently mist the soil with a spray bottle of water
. If you didn't add drainage holes to your shells, be careful not to overwater. Overwatering can cause rotten roots. Mist the potting soil with water when dry to the touch.

Once your seeds begin to develop leaves, plant the entire eggshell into a pot. The eggshell will disintegrate as compost in the soil, providing your plants with nutrients. Place the pot in a sunny windowsill, and spritz with water when dry.

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