Flowers that share your sentiments.

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Sympathy Flowers
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Leaving flowers on the graves of loved ones is a special practice. Many times, when we tend the graves of those we've lost, we leave arrangements of flowers we think they would have liked, or even flowers that we know were their favorites in life. It's a meaningful way to honor those who've passed, which is why we always take time to consider the flowers that we leave. Each and every plant has a history and a host of symbolic meanings that convey something deeper. Many signify themes or emotions appropriate for leaving at gravesites. Read on to learn some of the symbolic meanings of popular plants and flowers, and spend time thinking about your choices so that you share just the right message with the arrangements you choose.

Anemone: protection, anticipation, and sacrifice

Aster: patience, love, and wisdom

Blue iris: hope and faith

Calla lily: faith, purity, and holiness

Camellia: love and devotion

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Linda Burgess/Getty Images

Carnation: love and affection

Chamomile: patience and fidelity

Chrysanthemum: joy, fidelity, and honesty

Crimson rose: mourning and sorrow

Daffodil: rebirth and hope

Daisy: innocence, purity, and happiness

Fern: sincerity and humility

Forget-me-not: remembrance

Gardenia: purity and sweetness

Gladiolus: strength and integrity, remembrance and honor

Hyacinth: forgiveness and devotion

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Garden Photo World/Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

Hydrangea: honesty and gratitude, amends and understanding

Larkspur: first love, openheartedness

Lavender: devotion, admiration, and beauty

Lilac: innocence, tranquility, and charity

Lily: purity and beauty

Lily-of-the-valley: chastity and sweetness

Morning glory: affection and friendship

Orchid: love, beauty, and strength

Pansy: sincerity and thoughtfulness

Peony: honor and compassion

Pink rose: friendship and admiration

Poppy: consolation and remembrance; connected specifically to remembrance of World War I

Purple iris: wisdom and royalty

Rosemary: remembrance

Red rose: love and affection

| Credit: Garden Photo World/Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

Garden Photo World/Georgianna Lane/Getty Images

Rue: sorrow and repentance

Sunflower: adoration and loyalty

Tulip: confidence, affection, and enduring love

Yellow rose: friendship and gratitude

White iris: purity and faith

White rose: purity, innocence, and sympathy

Violet: devotion, faithfulness, and friendship

Zinnia: friendship, remembrance, and goodness

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What are your most-loved flowers? Do you have special arrangements for the graves of loved ones who have passed?