These eye-catching sunflowers can grow up to five-feet tall.

There's something about sunflowers that just make you want to bust into a giant smile. Whether sprouting in the garden or brightening up a credenza, we love these peppy flowers. That's why we were intrigued to see this piece from SimpleMost on Burpee's Coconut Ice Hybrid Sunflower, a stunning white sunflower we're eager to add to our garden.

Caucasian woman carrying vase of sunflowers
Credit: Ariel Skelley / Getty Images

Eager to learn more, we reached out to Valerie Ghitelman, Vice President, Product Development & Design, "While they are often known for their big, bright yellow petals, sunflowers can surprisingly grow in different colors including white," says Ghitelman. "There is an exciting variety known as the coconut ice sunflower, which has white petals and a dark brown center. Its petals emerge in a creamy off-white color and then quickly evolve into a bright white hue."

So how big can this stunning hybrid sunflower get? "[They] can grow between four- and five-feet tall, with single-headed blooms that can grow six to 12 inches across and petals that are four to eight inches wide," offers Ghitelman.

In terms of growing these beauties in your garden, the best time to start planting your coconut ice sunflowers is after the last frost of the season. "Be sure to choose a sunny spot in the garden and place seeds at least six inches apart. As long as they are not over-watered and live in well-drained soil, they will grow rapidly," Ghitelman comments, noting that well-drained soil can also help ward off root rot. Worth noting: It's not advisable to grow coconut ice sunflowers in containers, though once they're grown, they can be cut to display in a vase.

Since these flowers can get quite tall, this sunflower may need staking to keep them upright as they grow. Another savvy tip from Ghitelman? When you plant these sunflowers, position them in the back of the flower bed, along a fence to provide support from heavy rain or wind.

"This unique sunflower will command attention in the garden adding presence and charisma. Colorful daisies, asters, coneflowers and bee balm are excellent companions for these beauties, as the white sunflower heads will tower over the garden bed providing a natural canvas for other florals," says Ghitelman.

Have you grown these special sunflowers in your yard? What are your best tips for caring for them?