Meet the Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Auburn's Flower Arrangements

Violets may be blue, but roses are always orange.

As one of the premier college campuses in the South, and a historically agricultural school at that, Auburn University's flower arrangements have to pack some punch, and Cathy and Catherine Wayman of C.Wayman Floral and Events are two women making it happen. Auburn graduates themselves, class of 1974 and 2007 respectively, the mother-daughter team understands that the university bleeds navy and orange, and that doesn't end with blooms. "If you are looking for an orange or blue vase, we've got it," laughs Catherine.

Cathy and Catherine Wayman of C.Wayman Floral and Events
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"I started by doing a few events for certain schools such as the School of Education and the School of Forestry. Word of mouth spread, and I eventually started doing the flowers for graduation," says Cathy. One thing led to another and Cathy had more work than she could handle on her own. That's when she turned to apprentice Catherine.

C.Wayman Floral and Events Auburn floral arrangement
C.Wayman Floral and Events

"While she was in school [at Auburn], Catherine had always been a wonderful helper and assistant, so she would come and help me with things. Now, she's joined me full-time!" says Cathy.

Today, over a decade post-graduation, Catherine, who is based in Atlanta, helps her mom with Auburn gigs but also handles the big-city clients which include the likes of film directors and hip hop celebrities such as Cardi B, Missy Elliott, and Rick Ross. "One of the planners I work with discovered me on Instagram and gave me that clientele opportunity in Atlanta, but we've been doing these large-scale events in Auburn for years. That's where I practiced and got to dream without limitations," she says.

C. Wayman's designs are innovative and playful yet professional and polished, and the team is always looking for even more ways to get creative. Whether designing tulip chandeliers or flower trellises, the women take a unique approach to every project, and as a result, Auburn has been on the cutting edge of floral design. "Now, I've never made giraffes out of flowers for Auburn, but I've done topiaries out of flowers in Auburn," says Catherine.

C.Wayman Floral and Events tulip chandelier
C.Wayman Floral and Events

Presently, the women of C. Wayman are preparing arrangements and motifs for sorority recruitment. "That clientele has gotten bigger and bigger because these girls really go all out for their preferential parties." However, in no time at all, summer will fade into fall, and it will be football season.

Whether Cathy and Catherine are preparing 60-100 arrangements per week for Jordan-Hare Stadium's suites or creating massive displays for the president's office, one thing is for sure: each arrangement will be filled with a bevy of blue and orange blooms. Orange amaryllis and blue agapanthus are a few of the duo's most used selections. "I can tell you every single blue flower there is, every single shade of orange rose," agrees Catherine.

Cathy and Catherine Wayman of C.Wayman Floral and Events
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This is where good old color theory comes into play. Orange and blue are complementary on the color wheel. Yes, University of Florida, we're looking at you. "The Gators are a brighter orange. Auburn is truly burnt orange and navy blue, so we lean towards those colors. And we sure as heck do not use any crimson or red in the stadium," says Catherine. Catherine and Cathy joke you'll only find red around Auburn during the holidays, and even that is a stretch.

At the end of the day, the team ultimately wants to provide that classic Southern hospitality that we all know and love. Cathy explains that from the food to the flowers, people ultimately want to feel special and like they're a part of something exclusive.

"Our main client, Auburn University, wants to make people feel like they're at home," agrees Catherine. "Football is more than just a game; it's the beautiful tailgate and family atmosphere." We'll "War Eagle" to that!

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