Mattie Bush from Nashville's Amelia's Flower Truck shares her easy tips to put together a bouquet on the fly.

Amelias Flower Truck
Credit: Leslee Mitchell

Before I started Amelia's Flower Truck, I didn't have much experience arranging flowers. I would watch my sister play around with them in her kitchen, but that was the extent of it. It wasn't until I started Amelia's that flowers became a very serious passion of mine. I'm telling you this to encourage all the aspiring floral designers, and the people who just love flowers in general, that anyone can do it! My style is whimsical and organic when it comes to floral arranging. I really love to see different blooms and greenery hanging and peeking out of the arrangement, creating a sense of freedom amongst the flowers.

Southern Living Farm Fresh Picked Flowers
Credit: Leslee Mitchell

What You'll Need

In this arrangement, I used: Stock, Pom Pom, Hypericum Berries, Tulips, Eryngium, Spray Roses, Carnations, Ruscus and eucalyptus (all things you can find at the grocery store). The only tools I used for this were a vase, shears and water. Some designers will use a frog or chicken wire to keep the flowers in place, but I wanted to make sure that this arrangement could be made with what you have in your home. Making an arrangement without a frog or chicken wire can make it a little more difficult to place the flowers exactly where you want them, but I personally like to see where the flowers take themselves.

Assemble the Arrangement

1. First I put my foliage or greenery in the vase. This sets the stage for the kind of shape the arrangement will take. Strip leaves from the bottom of the stem so that there are no leaves sitting in water. This will help keep your arrangement fresh and the water clean.

2. Next, I add filler flowers. The filler flowers are the ones that have multiple blooms per stem, or are more of a wild flower variety. They add volume and depth to your arrangement and will give you a good idea of where to put your blooms.

Southern Living Farm Fresh Flower Arrangement
Credit: Leslee Mitchell

3. Last, I add statement flowers. I wanted the tulips and stock to be the focus of this arrangement. I love tulips and how they hang, so I made sure to make these visibly hanging off the side of the vase. It's always good to keep in mind the natural direction flowers lean or move, and to incorporate that into your arrangement. Since tulips and stock are both long blooms I added carnations to give it some more texture and depth.

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Mattie's Best Arranging Tricks

Start your arrangement with cold water. This will help your arrangement last longer and keep the flowers fresh. Be sure to change the water every 2 days.

Strip the leaves off of your foliage and blooms, especially the part of the stem that will be in the water. Some flowers have really beautiful stems that will enhance your arrangement.