Take a trip to the farmers market to harvest the best of summer's fresh flavors.
Farm-Fresh Produce from the Farmer's Market
Blueberries, like in Blueberry-Lime Granita, contain powerful antioxidants that help combat disease and fight aging.
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Gather your family or a few good friends, and take a Saturday morning stroll around the local farmers market. In this community environment, you can savor summer's bounty of freshly picked fruits and vegetables in an array of colors and flavors. In addition to peak produce, many markets offer flowers by the bunch, handmade crafts, and live local entertainment. We've showcased the abundant produce in the recipes here. They're easy to make, and knowing you selected fresh ingredients from a local vendor will make them taste even better.

Fresh Market Recipes:

Pick the Best Produce
Assistant Test Kitchens Director James Schend shares tips for shopping at the farmers market.

  • Go early: The best produce is often found right at the opening of the market.
  • Go often: Buy only as much produce as you will use within a few days, and store it in the refrigerator or a cool, dark area. Flavor, vitamins, and nutrients diminish over time.
  • Bright is best: Look for blemish-free, brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Any damaged areas will spoil quicker.
  • Don't wash right away: Wash your produce just before cooking or serving--not before storing.

"Celebrate the Season" is from the June 2006 issue of Southern Living.

By Holley JohnsonMS and RD