Fall-Blooming Camellias We Love

Autumn Spirit Camellia
Photo: Rosemary Calvert/Getty Images

As the leaves turn, there's still an opportunity to enjoy bright blooms. That's thanks to camellias, which bloom out in an array of pinks, reds, and creams on shrubs with glossy green foliage. In particular, the sasanqua camellias are good bets for fall flowers. You can find a few of our favorites available for purchase from the Southern Living Plant Collection, including the pretty selections 'Christmas Carol,' 'October Magic Snow,' and 'Diana.' Once you're ready to plant, reference our guides to make sure you have all the info you need. The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Camellias, 10 Things All Camellia Enthusiasts Need To Know, and the Camellia Planting Guide will have you well prepared for growing these beautiful flowering shrubs.

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'Autumn Moon' Camellias

Autumn Moon Camellia
Southern Living

This fall-blooming camellia has gorgeous white blooms on shining green foliage. It's a vigorous planting that is both deer resistant and drought tolerant.

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'Autumn Spirit' Camellias

Autumn Spirit Camellia
Rosemary Calvert/Getty Images

The beautiful deep pink flowers of 'Autumn Spirit' camellias are cold hardy and bloom out in fall.

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'Bonanza' Camellias

Bonanza Camellia
akiinsta212/Getty Images

These fast-growing camellias have large, bright carmine red flowers. The semi-double flowers are formed like peonies and have gold stamens.

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'Cleopatra' Camellias

Camellia sasanqua "Cleopatra"
REDA&CO/Getty Images

Lovely fragrant flowers in pink hues appear on the glossy, deep green foliage of 'Cleopatra' camellias in fall.

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'Early Wonder' Camellias

Camellia Early Wonder
Southern Living

The lush flowers of 'Early Wonder' camellias appear in lavender-rose tones and have a lovely, profuse blooming habit.

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'October Magic Dawn' Camellias

October Magic Dawn Camellia
Southern Living

For pretty pale pink camellias, plant this selection, which has flowers shaped like roses. The striking blooms are accompanied by thick, dark foliage.

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'October Magic Rose' Camellias

October Magic Rose Camellia
Southern Living

These pretty shrubs produce small double flowers in dense clusters. They grow best in full sun to partial shade and have an upright form.

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'Survivor' Camellias

Camellia 'Survivor'
Jacky Parker Photography/Getty Images

These early fall flowers are fragrant and appear white with pale pink edges. It's an extremely cold hardy planting, hence its name, 'Survivor.'

Find them here.

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