There's a new autumn-inspired palette in town, and it's not what you'd expect.

Planting Marigolds in Garden
Credit: Liliboas/Getty Images

When you live in the South and endure the scorching summer heat, nothing feels more satisfying come the first hint of sub-70-degree temps than "autumn-ing up" your home. Cozy throws and campfire-scented candles? Check. A festive pumpkin-centric porch display? Bring it on. A fall foliage-inspired palette of sun-kissed marigold, rich magenta, and fiery orange? Well, maybe—but you might want to leave it out of your garden this year.

That's what the powers that be say, anyway, at the National Association of Landscape Professionals, which recently released a report on the top landscape design trends for fall 2019.

According to the trend list, fall's ubiquitous palette just might see some competition this year from a trend-driven, fashion-forward collection of deep jewel tones. "Sapphire blue, emerald green, amethyst purple, ruby red, and citrine yellow all bring warmth to fall landscape design," says the report.

The prediction is one of four trends the NALP sees taking over fall gardens in 2019. In addition to a jewel-toned palette, experts believe textured plantings, like ornamental kale and cabbage, will begin cropping up in America's gardens this season. Cozy outdoor living features, like fire pits, are also hotter than ever. And there's more good news for lawn devotees. With more people treating their yards as extensions of living spaces, lush lawns are getting more love through the autumn season, when maintenance tends to fall to the wayside.

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As for the blooms, those who want to incorporate more jewel tones into their gardens can start by ditching traditional fall flowers like mums in favor of other seasonal beauties like pansies, celosia, dianthus, and black-eyed Susan. (Container gardens are ideal for adding that strategically placed pop.) And if straying from your tried-and-true autumn bulbs isn't lighting your gardening flame, not to worry: Jewel-toned accessories like throw pillows, outdoor rugs, planters and hurricanes are easy (and cheap!) ways to bring this season's hottest outdoor color trend to your backyard.

Will jewel tones be the new stars of your garden, or will fall foliage forever be your outdoor living muse?