Cast a spell on friends and neighbors with an enchanting autumn display that lures them right to the front door. 
Versatile Outdoor Plant Container
Mix mums with lush greenery for a container bursting with colorful blooms and textural foliage.
| Credit: Hector Sanchez

The Big Idea This vintage wicker planter, snagged at a flea market, overflows with mums and foliage. For another amazing look, try these plants in a window box. "Perfect for a protected area, this combo will look great as long as night temperatures don't dip below 50 degrees," says garden designer Rebecca Bull Reed.

The Materials Floral mums pop against the abundant leaves of tropical croton, 'Margarita' sweet potato vine, and 'Angelina' sedum. Assorted pumpkins congregate around the feet of the container for extra bursts of color.

The Details This striking combination does double duty. After the display is past its prime, take the tropical croton indoors for use as a houseplant and add the sedum to a sunny spot in your garden for years of enjoyment. You can even plant the florist mums in your yard in the Upper South through the Coastal South.