This Wi-Fi Powered Smart Garden Is the Quarantine Décor Piece We All Need Right Now

Okay, and because we need some basil to garnish another cocktail.

ēdn SmallGarden shelf
Photo: ēdn

Whether you live in a small apartment without any outdoor space or ample natural light or are simply looking to add more joy to your living environs, have we got the garden for you.

More specifically, the ēdn SmallGarden (Buy It: $200;, which lets you geek out on growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, decorative plants, and indoor starter plants with the help of technology. While the price tag may be on the steeper side, if you think of all the money this smart garden will help you save on fresh herbs like basil, sage, and mint, and vegetables like chives and lettuce, it's well worth the investment — never mind the value during these long, isolated days at home in having a home décor piece that makes you smile every time you walk by it.

ēdn SmallGarden

The SmallGarden works through a Wi-Fi connection, delivering the optimal light and nutrients to your plants and flowers, so you can sit back and not worry about your brown thumb getting in the way. Your nifty smart garden also integrates with the ēdn app, which allows you to control your garden's lighting schedule, receive alerts, and enjoy detailed guidance on your plans' progress. The SmallGarden contains 10 wells for SeedPods (specially made soil to promote easy growing) so you can grow up to 10 different plants at a time. Your purchase includes 10 basil SeedPods, but fennel, purple basil, bibb lettuce, marigold (pictured below), spritzer lettuce, and many more SeedPods are available on ēdn's website here.

ēdn SmallGarden 2

A vase of fresh flowers and mint juleps with hyper-locally sourced garnishes at the ready from own homes? We'll take it. And we may even gift this to a loved one cooped up in an apartment to brighten their days with some herby and/or floral goodness.

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Now, the only thing we have to decide is what we want to plant...marigolds or moss roses? Painted nettle or sage? This brown thumb is getting pretty darn excited to get her hands dirty, erm, app clicking.

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