5 Drought-Tolerant Herbs To Plant Now

Sage Plant
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One might not expect that some of the dainty culinary herbs we love to throw in our summer-inspired recipes and refreshing cocktails this time of year are actually made to withstand the elements, but, in fact, it's true. Lavender, thyme, and sage are a few of the best heat tolerant herbs to grow and enjoy when the dry season hits. In fact, all but one of the herbs on this list are safe to withstand full sun and most can also take a hefty dose of heat. If possible, plant these herbs in pots that can be moved to shady or cooler spots if you expect to find yourself with triple-digit temperatures or a severe drought during the season. Otherwise, happy growing.

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There are quite a few varieties of thyme, so make sure you select one that is drought resistant. Thyme plants do well when planted with rosemary, whether in a pot or raised bed. You can also use thyme to make a pretty and fragrant border throughout your garden or around stepping stones. Just select a spot that receives full sun and drains well. If thyme roots gather too much water they could rot, so pay attention to ensure roots adequately dry out between watering sessions.

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The ideal growing conditions for lavender include full sun with well-draining soil. If you're worried your plant might get a little too much sun, relocate to an area that sees a bit of afternoon shade. But don't let those pretty little flowers fool you—lavender is a hardy perennial that can stand up to harsh summer conditions, which is when you'll be rewarded with delicate purple blooms.

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If you want an easy-growing herb that will produce a full bounty while looking good doing it, rosemary is your go-to. You can plant rosemary just about any time of year if you live in a warm climate. It takes full sun and doesn't need a lot of water in order to thrive. This herb is native to the Mediterranean, where its habitat is characterized by rocky hillsides and sandy, well-drained soil. For that reason, keeping roots dry aside from the occasional watering will help this evergreen herb thrive.

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Because tarragon needs well-drained soil, it's best to plant it in a raised bed or pot. Unlike the other herbs in this list, tarragon grows best in partial sun. Find a spot that gets early morning sun and afternoon shade. If you're growing it in a pot, the job should be easy enough—simply find a location with the ideal light and move your pot of licorice-flavored herbs right in. If overwatered, tarragon could lose flavor and see diminished growth.

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Sage Plant
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Sage is another good herb for containers. It requires lots of sunlight and well-drained soil. If you live in central Florida and farther south, your sage isn't likely to thrive in the summer as it just gets too warm in those climates. But anywhere from north Florida upward should do just fine.

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